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MOV Repair Tool

Best MOV repair tool

MOV file extension is mostly associated with Apple QuickTime application. MOV is the best multimedia file format compared to others because it stores any multimedia file in a compact form. A single movie file can contain audio, video, graphics and text (subtitles). MOV file format is compatible by both Windows and Mac operating system. You can easily access MOV file by using Apple QuickTime Player, Roxio Toast, and CyberLink PowerDirector. Quite often MOV is compared to MP4 file extension simply because both use MPEG-4 compression. MOV files can easily get converted into different file formats such as SWF, AVI, WMV and many other which are supportable by most of the players and different applications for accessing multimedia files. .mov files use a proprietary compression algorithm developed by Apple Inc in order to save multimedia files. The main advantage of this file format is that you can conveniently share and transfer large video files over the internet in a healthy condition. Besides this, another benefit of this file format is that you can store multiple audio and video tracks separately in one file. Therefore, MOV file is the best and widely used multimedia file format across all over the world. Like all other file type, MOV file also gets corrupted under many scenarios. Corrupted files cannot be accessed and therefore, you need to use best MOV file repair tool in order to repair damaged MOV.

There are numerous scenarios but the most prominent scenarios are mentioned below:

Abruptly system gets shut down: There are chances that your file may get corrupted if your system gets shut down abruptly at the time when your MOV file is in playing mode or at the time when you are transferring a particular MOV files from one storage device to another. There are many factors that are responsible for abrupt system shut down such as power fluctuation, operating system failure, virus attack and hard disk failure. Once your MOV file gets corrupted then you will not be able to access it in future until and unless you repair it.

Storing MOV files in logically damaged storage device: Existing damage to the storage device is the major cause for MOV file corruption. If your storage device is not in a healthy condition and if you are storing your MOV files to that particular storage device then there are more chances that the file structure of that particular file will get corrupted. For example; if you are transferring MOV file from your system to your Flash memory card which is full of virus then in that case, all transferred MOV files will get infected by existing viruses.

Converting MOV file format: Converting MOV file extension by using inappropriate third party converter tool may cause damage to the file structure of that particular MOV file, if the conversion process is not executed properly. It may happen that the file converter tool that you are using for converting MOV file format to another format is not suitable for changing MOV file extension. Another issue which is accountable for MOV file corruption is interruption during converting MOV file format to another format. Power failure is the main interrupting factor that is responsible for creating interruption at the time of conversion process. Due to these two reasons, your file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. In all these case, this application will be very effective to repair that damaged MOV file. For any help in repair process, use this link: https://www.movrepair.net/damaged-mov-video-files.html.

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

These three scenarios are the main reasons for MOV file corruption. There are many symptoms that will tell you that your file is not in healthy condition in order to get accessed properly. You will come across to these symptoms only when your file gets corrupted. Some of the important symptoms are stated below:

  • You will see annoying messages when you try to open a particular file
  • MOV files will not respond at all
  • You will not be able to transfer any MOV file to other storage device
  • Media file stops suddenly when it is in active mode
  • You will not be able to access any of your MOV files

Once you come across the above mentioned symptoms, you will start receiving different error messages related to the file corruption. The most common error message is “The player cannot support this file format”. Besides this error message there are many other which are given below:

  • The movie could not be open- the file is not a movie file
  • The format is not supported
  • Unable to reach the end of file

These error messages are very scary but you don’t need to worry because by the help of latest and more advanced repair application you can always fix the problem of MOV file corruption. But it is very much essential that you should protect the rest of your healthy MOV file from getting corrupted. For this purpose, you need to take some of the precautionary measures which are stared below:

  • Try to avoid any interruption during transferring process in order to protect your MP4 files from getting corrupted
  • Try to fix the problem of power fluctuation and power failure in order to protect your system and all stored data from getting damaged.
  • Never ever store any MOV file to a damaged storage device as it may affect your file severely.
  • Protect your system by using efficient anti-virus program in order to keep your system virus free.

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

However, above mentioned precautionary measures are the only ways to keep your MOV files away from any type of corruption issue. But if your MOV file gets corrupted and you don’t have a backup option then in that case you must use powerful MOV repair tool. It can easily fix movie files corrupted due abrupt system shutdown, power failure problems etc. This software has an automated process for repairing severely damaged MOV files. This tool has the ability to fix broken video files in a very professional manner. It also repairs those files which got damaged due to faulty firmware problem of digital video camcorder. Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Samsung, etc are some of the well-known camera brands that are supportable by this software. Not only this but this software also works efficiently with all the latest versions of Mac OS such as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit). Therefore, this software successfully repair MOV file on Mac. This MOV repair utility repairs all the QuickTime files which refuses to get accessed by QuickTime player and thus it efficiently performs repair corrupt QuickTime MOV.

Useful steps that will help you in using this software are as follows:

Step 1: Download and Install demo version of this software and launch it by clicking on icon to fix damaged MOV as shown in Figure 1

MOV repair  - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Once you launch it, the software will start functioning. A new window will appear where you have to click on "Open" button in order to upload corrupted MOV file from its stored location. As soon as your damaged file gets uploaded, click on "Repair" button in order to move on to the next step as shown in Figure 2

MOV repair  - File selection

Figure 2 : File Selection Window

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

Step 3: After clicking on repair button, immediately a new window pops-up on your screen where you can see the fixing process as shown in Figure 3

MOV repair  - Repairing process

Figure 3 : Repair Processing Window

Step 4: As soon as the repair process gets finished, again a new window will open where you can preview fixed file by clicking on "Preview repaired file" option as shown in Figure 4

MOV repair  - Preview Window

Figure 4 : Preview Window

Note: In demo version you can only preview your fixed file but you can’t save it to your system as the saving option is unavailable in demo version. If you want to save your fixed file then you need to activate the full version of this application. Once you upgrade to the full version then, save the fixed file option will be available and you will be able to save your repaired file by simply clicking on that option.


Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version