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MOV Repair on Mac

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Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mavericks
MOV Repair Tool

How to perform MOV repair on Mac?

MOV file format is also known as QuickTime. This file format was created by Apple Inc. This file extension stores audio and video file in Apple’s own proprietary compression method. MOV file format is widely used in many websites for streaming audio and video clips because this is the only multimedia file format that provides easy and fast streaming option over the internet. MOV file is a default format of QuickTime application. Generally this file extension is highly compatible with Mac OS because it works within its QuickTime multimedia framework. MOV format is highly versatile and capable of conforming to a number of encoding specifications through the use of codecs. This file format is capable of storing multiple audio and video streams together in one particular file. It is commonly used for editing and presenting video content. This file extension supports different video codecs and also capable of integrating other video formats into a single MOV file. 3GPP, 3GPP2, NTSC, AVI, etc are some of the supported video formats. Apple video and Quartz composer video of Mac OS are also supported by this file format. MOV file can be open easily by using different compatible applications of Mac OS such as Apple QuickTime Player, Eltima Elmedia Player, Roxio Toast 11, Roxio Popcorn 4, Adobe Flash CS5, VideoLAN VLC media player and MIKSOFT Mobile Media Converter. Besides its highly compatible features and best multimedia file format, it is also likely to get corrupted. The reasons for corruption differs from situation to situation but the common reasons that are responsible for MOV file corruption are mentioned below:

Improper recovery of lost or deleted files: Your file may get corrupted if it is not recovered properly. The reason behind improper recovery is using unreliable and faulty third party recovery software. If the third party application fails to recover your lost or deleted MOV files in healthy condition then there are more chances that your recovered files may get damaged. The immunity of the recovered files becomes weak due to improper recovery. Once the immunity of the file becomes weak then there is no way out that you can protect it from getting corrupted or damaged. Recovered files get severely damaged and become inaccessible and unusable. You need to use best MOV repair utility that can help in fixing the damages that are responsible for its inaccessibility.

Power surge: Sudden power surge is a frustrating situation. Your MOV file gets corrupted and refuses to open after sudden power surge. This happens only when your file is in active mode and power goes off suddenly. Power surge is responsible for hampering transferring process, downloading process and converting file extension of MOV file. During any of these processes, if your system shuts down due to power surge then the probability of files corruption increases. The file structure of your MOV file gets damaged due to sudden power surge. Therefore, power surge is the most important and disastrous scenario for MOV files corruption. Moreover, with the help of this advanced software you can fix MOV video file invlaid due to MOV header file corruption making entire video file inaccessible. To know more detailed information, tap here https://www.movrepair.net/invalid.html.

Header corruption of MOV file: Once the header of MOV file gets damaged then the entire file becomes orphaned. Header is the main nerve of any file. Likewise header of MOV file is a vital component as it contains all the necessary information of a particular file. Header will tell you about the size of the file, file last modification time, date of file creation, etc. Header corruption generally takes place when your system abnormally shuts down at the time when your MOV file is in playing mode or when some interruption takes place at the time when you are downloading it via internet. Under these two scenarios header of your MOV file gets corrupted due to which the file structure of that particular MOV file gets damaged. If you want to fix the issue of header corruption then you must fix MOV files after header corruption by using best MOV file reapiring software.

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mavericks

Once your file gets damaged, you will not be able to access it at any cost until and unless you take the help of some reliable MOV repair tool. Before jumping to the repair tool, it is essential that you should know about some of the common error messages that may appear when you try to open it. Few important error messages are listed below:

  • Unable to reach the end of file
  • The player cannot support this file format
  • The movie could not be open- an invalid public movie atom was found in the movie
  • The movie could not be open- the file is not a movie file
  • The format is not supported
  • The movie contain incorrect duration

These error messages will tell you about the main problem that you are facing in accessing that particular file. If you come across any of these error messages then it is sure that your file has been damaged severely. But you don’t need to worry about it because every problem has solution. Always keep a backup of every file in order to serve the demand of any emergency. Follow some of the precautionary measures in order to protect rest of the healthy MOV files. The most prominent precautionary measures are given below:

  • Use reliable and efficient third party MOV file recovery software in order to protect your file from getting damaged
  • Try to fix the problem of sudden system shut down in order to avoid any interruption at the time when your MOV file is in playing or processing mode
  • Always download any MOV file when there is no power fluctuation or when your internet server is not down
  • Keep your system virus free by using efficient anti-virus program
Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mavericks

These precautionary measures will help you to protect all your healthy MOV files from getting corrupted. This software can repair MOV video files after error 2048 due to partial installation setup,partial file eraser or incorrect deletion of utilities from the computer. These measures are not applicable to those files which are already corrupted. For fixing the problem of file corruption, you need to use Mov Repair Tool software. This tool is efficient enough to repair mov file after error, damage or severe corruption. This software has an automated process for fixing the problem of file corruption. This tool works efficiently with all the latest versions of Mac OS such as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit). This software can easily repair corrupt MOV files. It repairs all broken and severely damaged MOV files in short span of time. This tool repairs audio and video streams separately and adjoins them in a synchronized way in order to create a playable video file. Not only this, but also it can easily repair all inaccessible QuickTime media files without damaging the source file. Therefore, this software is the best to fix QuickTime MOV.

Guidelines for installing and using this software are as follows:

Step 1: Download and Install demo edition of this software and launch it by clicking on icon to repair MOV file as shown in Figure 1

MOV repair  - Main Window

Figure 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2: Once you launch it, the software will start its processing immediately. A new window will appear where you need to click on "Open" button in order to select and upload corrupted MOV file for repairing process. As soon as the file gets uploaded, you need to click on "Repair" button which is situated at the below as shown in Figure 2

MOV repair  - File selection

Figure 2 : Select and Upload file for repairing process

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

Step 3: The software will start its repair process as soon as you click on repair button. Immediately after this, a new window will appear where you can see the repairing process as shown in Figure 3

MOV repair  - Repairing process

Figure 3 : Repair Processing Screen

Step 4: Once your file gets repaired, a new window will open where you can easily preview your repaired file by clicking on "Preview repaired file" button as shown in Figure 4

MOV repair  - Preview Window

Figure 4 : Preview Screen

Note: In trial version you cannot save your repaired file as save repaired file option is unavailable in demo version. But you can easily preview your repaired file by clicking on preview repaired file option. Therefore, if you want to save repaired file then you need to buy the full version of this software. Once you activate it from demo to full version then the save repaired file option will be available. You can simply click on this option for saving your repaired file.


Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version