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Repair MOV File on iPhone 4S

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MOV Repair Tool

The best approach to fix MOV file on iPhone 4S

"Hi there, I had recorded a video clip of my sister's birthday with my new iPhone 4S, which saves captured video in .mov file format. I had captured video clip for a duration of 45min. However, while recording video clip I suddenly got a video call from Skype and interrupted the recording process. After I completed the call, I came back to the recorded video and attempted to play it. It continued for a quite a while and got stuck in between. I tried playing the video clip for multiple times but nothing seemed to work. So, is there any way to fix the corrupted or damaged using repair tool. Thanks in an advance.

If you are an iPhone 4S users who have run over a issues as mentioned above, then don’t get disappointed. You can easily repair the MOV File on iPhone 4S with the help of the reliable MOV repair utility. MOV is a common video file format that might be played on QuickTime Media player, which is compatible with iPhone 4S. The users can store number of .mov records on their iPhone 4S relying on the space available. However, because of certain reasons MOV files present on iPhone 4S can get damaged and does open/play in any media player. MOV files on iPhone 4S can get undermined because of different situations, which are given below:

  • MOV File Header Corruption: The header of MOV file may get damaged because of the sudden end of QuickTime player on iPhone 4S while your MOV document is being reviewed/played.
  • Third Party Applications: Sometimes you may utilize inconsistent third-party applications to convert .MOV file to other video file format as a consequence of which the MOV record could be broken and thus it can't be played. However, you can employ this advanced software to repair MOV file after HT3775 error caused due to the usage of the unreliable third-party tool and restore its contents with great ease. For more information, visit here at https://www.movrepair.net/ht3775-error.html.
  • Different Causes: The faulty firmware, file system corruption, virus infection or viewing video clips on iPhone 4S when it is running out of the battery can cause damage to the MOV files and makes them unplayable.

Nonetheless, simply relax! MOV records on iPhone 4S have not been harmed forever. You can make use of reliable MOV repair utility to repair MOV file on iPhone 4S on Macintosh system. Additionally, you might use this repair tool to fix the broken MOV files on Window system also. To know more details, refer to this link: https://www.movrepair.net/on-windows.html. This repair tool is compatible with both Mac as well as Window operating systems.

MOV Repair utility is the most reputed repair tool which has the capability to repair MOV file on iPhone 4S.  This repair application is built with an advanced graphical user’s interface, which allows even novice users to use this application without much difficulty. This repair utility is a read-only application that extracts the contents from the corrupted MOV file and rebuilds a new healthy MOV file. Along with MOV, this repair application also repairs MP4 and M4V video file formats that are corrupted on iPhone, iPods, memory cards, external hard drives, FireWire drives, etc. This repair utility also has the capability to fix recovered MOV files from various storage devices. Go through this page: https://www.movrepair.net/recovered-files.html to know additional information about fixing the recovered MOV files.

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

Steps to Repair MOV files on iPhone 4S:

Step 1: At first download and install this MOV repair tool on the computer. After opening this application, connect your iPhone 4S phone and browse the MOV file on the home screen using the "Open" button and then click on the "Repair".

Repair MOV File on iPhone 4S - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: In this screen, you can see the progress in the repair operation.

Repair MOV File on iPhone 4S - File Repairing Process

Fig 2: File Repairing Process

Step 3: After successful completion of the repair process, you can preview that MOV file by clicking on "Preview repaired file" option without saving.

Repair MOV File on iPhone 4S  - Preview Repaired File

Fig 3: Preview Repaired File

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version