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How to Repair QuickTime Movie File

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MOV Repair Tool

Best Way To Fix QuickTime Movie File

QuickTime player is a widely used and very popular video playback as well as screen recording software. This tool can be used in both Windows as well as Mac operating system to play video files. It usually makes use of your favorite videos in MOV format that is extremely reliable and free from corruption. Still, there are some logical reasons for which your QuickTime movie file may get corrupted and unplayable. It may results after system malfunction, improper editing, bad sector on disk, MBR corruption, interruption in video recording etc. In these situations, a query may arise in your mind that how to repair corrupt movie files? Use the MOV Repair software that is mainly developed to repair QuickTime movie file in almost all circumstances.

Corruption of movie file may results in plenty of reasons and makes the file inaccessible. Some of common reasons of MOV file corruption are listed below:

File Header Corruption: It is the most common reason behind QuickTime video file corruption. It mainly corrupts because of improper closing of QuickTime player due to sudden system reboot, power surge etc. Header of a file contains vital information about it and used by OS to access. So, if header of the movie is damaged due to any reason, it gets inaccessible. Then, it needs to repair MOV file header to access it.

Repeated Modification in File Format: It may also be damaged due to frequent change in file format. We use different application to convert a video file in other format as per our requirement. You may convert a MOV file to AVI using this tool and then revert to MOV due to some inaccessibility reasons. But it is very harmful for that MOV file and damage it very easily. If are confused; how to fix damaged mov files, then do not worry!! This software easily fix such damaged files quickly.

Improper File Transfer: Incomplete transfer of file is another reason behind corruption of any type of file. When you are transferring some MOV file from external device to your system or vice-versa, if any interruption occurs there are more possibility of corruption.

In addition, this software provides the complete solution for how to play mov files on imovie which are unplayable due to wide various reasons including other players like QuickTime player, VLC media player, etc.

Storage Media Corruption: Movie files may also be inaccessible after corruption of storage device in any reason. Media devices like memory card, memory sticks, thumb drive, USB external disks may be corrupted due to power surge, improper removal, faulty firmware etc. As a result, QuickTime files residing on that drive will not play. In such situation, you can use this MOV Repair software to repair MOV file not playing on QuickTime.

QuickTime movie file repair software is developed with numerous features in MOV file repair, using this application you can repair corrupted, damaged, inaccessible files on your system or any external storage device with ease. It can fix MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV movie files and also different music files, image or other type of files with ease. You can use this utility to repair corrupt QuickTime movie file on different versions of Mac operating system including Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc. If you are worried with how to repair truncated mp4 file, this software can be effectively used to fix truncated MP4 file on both Windows and Mac computers:

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

How to Repair QuickTime Movie File:

step 1: Download and Install the demo version of mov repair tool on your system. After Launching it, open the corrupt movie file and click on "Repair" button from the main window.

How to Repair QuickTime Movie File - Main Window

Fig 1 : Main Window

step 2: After that, repair process will start and progress of repair process will be shown in a new window as shown in below figure.

Fix QuickTime MOV File - Repairing process

Fig 2 : Repairing Process

step 3: When repair operation will be finished, you can view that file before saving using "Preview Repaired File" button.

Movie File Repair Tool - Preview Window

Fig 3 : Preview Window

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version