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How to Password Protect MOV Files?

Easily Protect MOV Files with Password

MOV is a very popular video file type to user as offers numerous advantage and better quality compare to any other video file. It is also a common format to store videos on various digital camera and camcorders. We store different types of MOV video on out computer. Some of which are very important & confidential. If you need to share your personal computer to others for some days, you must want to keep your personal information inaccessible to others. You can delete or transfer your confidential videos and other data to a external drive but it is not enough precaution to prevent data theft. One can recover that information easily using an efficient tool. In that case, you can secure your personal information from any types of illegal access applying password on them. To password protect MOV files, Remo MORE software will be very efficient for both Windows and Mac users.

Many of users protect confidential videos and any other data from strangers by hiding them manually. You can do it without using any third party application on your computer. To perform this operation you have to Right Click on the file and go to Properties option. Then, select Hidden checkbox and click on OK. After that, go to Control Panel -> Folder Option -> View Tab -> Select Don’t Show hidden files, folders, or drives radio button. But it is not a proper way to protect MOV file from others because anyone can  access those data in the same way. To prevent any types of illegal access to the MOV videos, you have to lock MOV file with password.

Some people follow different technique to protect MOV video by compressing them. After compression you can apply password to that archive file using WinZip. But there is a risk of corruption to the compressed file in different reasons. So avoid this way and password protect MOV files using this Remo MORE application easily. Using this application, you can apply password to one or more files on your system. One can see the video file but it will be opened after entering the correct password.

Remo MORE software has so many attractive features to protect MOV and any other types of files. Besides MOV files, you can lock any other types of files and folders on your computer. The important advantage of this utility is that, you can use this software to protect MOV files on computer, iOS devices, smart phones, USB drives and any other flash memory. Therefore, this application is a one-stop solution to protect all types of files on different storage drives. Remo MORE tool is designed for all major versions of Windows and Mac users to password protect MOV files with ease. Moreover, it is designed with simple user interface to make this operation handy for any user. You can perform the complete process in some few mouse clicks using this application.

Steps to Password Protect MOV Files:

Step 1: First, install this software on your system and launch it from desktop icon. Select "File Manager" option from the main screen under "Manage" tab.

How to Password Protect MOV Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, click on "File/Folder Locker" option to protect MOV video files as shown in figure 2.

How to Password Protect MOV Files - Select File/Folder Locker Option

Figure 2: Select File/Folder Locker Option

Step 3: After that, you have to add confidential MOV files to lock with password and click on "Lock" button.

How to Password Protect MOV Files - Add Files and Lock

Figure 3: Add Files and Lock