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Fix MOV Files After Errors

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MOV Repair Tool

Easy Way to Fix MOV Files After Errors

MOV file extension is known as Apple QuickTime. MOV was created and designed by Apple Inc for viewing, making and distributing multimedia files. MOV file format is used extensively in the multimedia platform for saving movie files along with other video files. By using MOV file format you are able to save various types of media files such as movies, music, animation, audio recording, 3D, video clips, and video recording files. MOV is the default file format of QuickTime application. MOV has a powerful compression algorithm that supports both Mac and Windows operating system.

MOV file format is a very versatile and capable of meeting the requirements of the number of encoding specifications with the use of the codecs. MOV represents a multimedia file through which the number of tracks are enclosed in it, each of it stores a particular type of data such as video, audio, effects or texts. Each track consists of a digitally encoded media stream and they are arranged in a hierarchical data format. MOV files are known for the improved clarity of multimedia files. MOV files have an excellent ability to enclose abstract data recommendations for multimedia files and they can also be modified easily without even rewriting every file after modification. Even though MOV files are the best and advanced multimedia file formats, hence they are still prone to logical corruptions. If the MOV files gets corrupt or damaged due to unavoidable circumstances then you come across some errors, which restrict the use of MOV files. To fix MOV file after errors you need to opt for a good repair tool.

MOV files are corrupted due to several reasons such as MOV file becomes unplayable due to the header corruption. The header is the vital part of any file as it holds the complete details of a particular file. Header holds details such as the file size, date of file creation, last modification date and time, etc. If the MOV file Header is corrupted due to abruptly shutting down the system at the time when your MOV file is playing or if you face any interruption while you are downloading a MOV file via the internet. You might come across errors like "The movie could not be open- an invalid public movie atom was found in the movie", "The movie contains incorrect duration" due to the corruption of header file. If you try to open any MOV file with the help of any other player that is not compatible and appropriate for running MOV file then in this case, the file header of your MOV file is damaged and you face an error like "The player cannot support this file format". During the process of transferring the MOV files if you encounter any interruption then you suffer from an error like "The movie could not be open- the file is not a movie file". When you are not able to open the corrupt movie file on QuickTime player, use this application to repair it. To get more help in the repair operation, use this link: https://www.movrepair.net/how-to-repair-quick-time-movie-file.html.

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You can take a few precautionary measures to prevent from MOV file corruption. Always keep an up-to-date anti-virus program to prevent virus attacks. Always make use of the compatible MOV player to open MOV files to prevent from header corruption. Avoid downloading the MOV files when there are power fluctuations or when the internet server is down. After taking precautions if you still tend to lose the MOV files then you need to make use of an appropriate MOV repair utility.

MOV repair tool is an effective and reliable repair tool with the help of which you are able to fix severely corrupted and broken MOV files. By using this application you can even repair corrupt MOV files that are truncated or if it gets finalized by the camera because of the faulty firmware. This application even repairs large sized corrupt or damaged MOV, MP4 video files. This tool can fix MOV clips corrupted due to the usage of any unreliable or faulty third-party application and playing MOV clip on an unsupportable media player. This application even supports the users to repair damaged MP4 and MOV files from different camcorder brands such as Samsung, Sanyo, Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic, Fujifilm, etc. To employ this tool especially for damaged MP4 file repairing, you can visit our related topic after a simple click and go forward to mend damaged MP4 file.

Note: Visit at https://www.movrepair.net/broken-mov-files-that-wont-play.html and know how to repair broken MOV files that are not playing.

Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version

Steps to fix MOV files after errors:

Step 1: Download and install the software. The home windows appear as shown in Figure A

MOV repair  - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After launching the software, a new window appears where you have to upload erroneous MOV files by clicking on the "Open" option. After uploading the file, you need to click on "Repair" button in order to start the repairing process as shown in Figure B

MOV repair  - File selection

Figure B: Select and upload erroneous MOV file

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Step 3: After you click on repair option, a new window appears where you can see the repairing process as shown in Figure C

MOV repair  - Repairing process

Figure C: File repairing Process

Step 4: Click on "Preview repaired file" option to preview the repaired files as shown in Figure D

MOV repair  - Preview Window

Figure D: Preview repaired file

Note: In the demo version you are not allowed to save the repaired file to a specific location in your system. For saving repaired file, you need to buy the full version of this software where you can easily save all repaired files by clicking on save the repair file button.


Download Repair Video Tool Buy Full Version